Space Cat Hob. "Movie"

               Space cat Hob from liok on Vimeo.
  Space cat Hob is an independant project done without money, on our spare time and over a course of two years.

more info & artworks : space-cat-hob.com/gallery.html
direction: Loïc bramoullé
music: Pyramid
Sound Design: Olivier Michelot
production: Delapost Paris



108 Demons "Trailer"

Directed by : Pascal Morelli
Produced by : Same Player
French release: 21/01/2015
Production year: 2014

Empire of China. 12th century.
The King Demons terrorize the land. To defeat these monsters, one needs the courage of a hundred tigers, the strength of a thousand buffalo, the cunning of as many snakes... and have the luck of the devil.
All young Prince Duan has are fanciful illusions and stoutness.
All Zhang-the-Perfect has is his monk's staff and a bunch of incomprehensible proverbs.
All the little beggar Pei Pei has is the gift of the gab and a large appetite.
But, most of all, Prince Duan, the old monk and the little beggar girl didn't know that it is impossible to defeat the King Demons.
So they did it!

More info: http://en.unifrance.org/movie/37441/1...
BidiBul Production

Some color 02

Walking Girl
Lova Boy


Parigot The Movie

Student Short Movie.
 short graduation film, made in 2010 at george Melies school.
  Axel digoix, Geoffrey lerus, Mehdi alavi, Alexandre wolfromm, Loïc bramoullé.
 Awards :
- Best short movie 2011 at Recreacourt.
- Special jury price 2011 at Dubai Gulf Film festival.
- Best Animation 2011 at Pisaf festival.
- Selection for the Sigraph Asia 2010


Parigot Research

Character Design Research
Study of Expression - Homeless Man

 Study of Expression - Delivery Man

Squash and Stretch